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EkoTren (source: http://www.facebook.com/Ekotren)


Genre: Metal

They're from: Cape Coral, Florida (US)

Founded in: 2000

Drummer: Tony Elchert

Vocals: John Sheldon

Guitar: Keith Finnell

Bass: Derek DeSantis

DJ: Steve Chin

Prehistory: EkoTren was founded by John Sheldon, Keith Finnel and Steve Chin in 2000 when they visited the cape coral high school.  First the band was like an hobby and they didn't take it seriously but the songs got better and they soon recorded their first EP "The Tables Have Turned" in 2006. Now they're a part of the Warped Tour Orlando and toured with other bands like Saliva or Diecast. In 2007 Derek DeSantis joined EkoTren as the bassist and they got a deal with Blind Prophecy Records and published "Light The Fire" after they toured through south america.


          The Tables Have Turned (EP, 2006)

1. The Tables Have Turned
2. The Light
3. Death Blanket
4. Become
5. Betrayal
6. Nothing Left
7. The Massacre

          Light The Fire (CD, 2008)

1. Light The Fire
2. Paper Thin
3. Become
4. Tables Have Turned
5. Tranqualized
6. Nothing Left
7. Falling
8. Death Blanket
9. Point Of View
10. Needed You More
11. Chupacabra


          The Confessions of Gladys White (EP, 2009)

1. Light To Shine
2. The Light
3. Dead Behind The Eyes
4. Can't Stay


          The Dead Of Night (CD, 2011)

01. The End Of The Day
02. Blackened Sky
03. Dead Behind The Eyes
04. A Road To Nowhere
05. Mask Of Lies
06. Light To Shine
07. Can't Stay
08. The Suffering
09. No Way Out
10. The Dead Of Night

EkoTren Music on Amazon

Dead of Night

Dead of Night

von: Burnhill Union
Amazon Preis: EUR 28,74 (vom 10. February 2013)

Light the Fire

Light the Fire

von: Blind Prophecy
Amazon Preis: EUR 28,32 (vom 10. February 2013)