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Casual Schuhe or Jacken with a corporate look

Casual Schuhe or Jacken with a corporate look


Every company is now pondering over the matter that how the working situations should be made friendly for the employees, so call for a casual business dress is not a bad idea. It has been seen that if the dress is comfortable then employee efficiency increases. Even though it is must that the casual dress should be worn by all employees so that it could give the effect of uniformity in the team members. As casual dresses like, Capri’s, Bermudas or the half pants are never suitable for the office purpose. So what kind of casual should be selected for the corporate to give them decent official looks?

These days most of the companies are going for T-shirts as a casual upper dress in summers. They are also adopting some specific dress code in Jacken and Schuhe; which looks perfect for official purpose. Mostly it has been done in hotel or hospitality industry.

Men Jacken and Schuhe should be chosen with great care. Wrinkled Jacken are never good for official purpose. The first foremost thing you need to think about while choosing an official dress code is, that whether most of the men working in the office are mature or youngsters. Here the choice according to age also differs. Moreover a mature man needs decent look but a youngster who works in the market can wear trendier clothes. Designation also does matter. Most of the mature men are on high post, so they need to reveal their high comprehension level and intellect. Those garments which reveal employees` body parts are never acceptable in any age group. So if a corporate allows a casual look then took the age and designation should be considered, while choosing a dress code.

Men Jacken and Schuhe should not be much gaudy. Simple and nice looking footwear and upper garment enhances the personality of a worker. White shoe get dirty soon, but it looks attractive. If your office is completely air conditioned and dirt proof then white canvas Schuhe would look very beautiful. Leather Schuhe of black and brown color are counted as the perfect office Schuhe. There should not be any design on the Schuhe.

Here you need to take care, some people if given liberty to wear casuals, they start doing variations in their main dress code. So it should be checked that the shirt or the dresses should not be even slightly changed or having extra design. For this, company can provide its own uniforms, which should be made same for all.