Unblock Us Review

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If you would like to watch the US Netflix in Canada, UK or whichever country you currently reside in, Unblock US is perfect for you! My name is John Seymour and I've been using Unblock US since July 2012.

If you're wondering what Unblock US is, it is a DNS service provider which gives you full access (and speed) to sites such as Netflix and Hulu. The DNS keeps you transparent from these sites as if you were currently living in the United States and gives you full access to the American content!

To sign up for Unblock US, all you have to do is go to their website and enter your email address, that's it! No Credit Card or Paypal info, just enter your email address and your set for the one week trial absolutely free!!

After the one week trial is over, you will then need to officially sign up and it will only cost you $5 a month! Considering the amount of content you get with the US Netflix, it's definitely worth it. Think about it. The Canadian Netflix only has over 2,600 titles while the American Netflix has over 14,500 titles! Thats almost 12,000 more titles!!

Pro's and Con's of Unblock US

The biggest pro to Unblock US is the speed! The speed may change slightly but not much. I am able to watch Netflix on both my iPhone & Wii and watch Hulu on my PS3 all at the same time without it affecting speed or picture quality! The results are impressive after you've tried it! The free trial proves that the service provided is phenomenal!

Another pro is that you can use Unblock US on your PS3, XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, Apple TV and more! And you can still use the same Netflix account you use now!

One of the cons to the service is on occasion, Unblock US will disconnect and may have you and your family scratching your heads. The simple solution to this is that you would sign into the Unblock US website and refresh it. Easy! For more help, visit Troubleshooting Tips.

To finish this off, I use Unblock US to watch the US Netflix on a daily basis and never have any problems with it. Thank you for reading my Ongoing!